This web app is build by me, Giorgio Groß, on top of the Soundcloud visualizer experiment by Michael Bromley. Here its MIT License.
I used Michael Bromley's project as a starting point instead of starting from scratch, though I wrote all the
peak detection algorithms and the game play on my own. As my code relies heavily on the Soundcloud visualizer experiment,
especially the parts responsible for streaming the songs from Soundcloud, here a real big thank you to Michael Bromley!

I also used Three.js for rendering, also licensed under the MIT License

TuneDash, or at least the code I wrote on my own, is Copyright Giorgio Groß, 2016.

Welcome to Tune Dash!

- plug your headphones in -

Tune Dash is a jump'n'run like game which creates all levels dynamically based on your favorite music. No two runs will be the same!
To get started just copy and paste the URL of a Soundcloud track or playlist into the form above and press enter.
I also set up some levels and playlist especially for you, so if you just want to play click on the level you want to start below

HOW TO PLAY: You can control your player with the arrow keys or use the touch buttons below

Predefined Levels: