ShapeMate offers you a free basic version and extension packs

Pricing and content per package

All versions of ShapeMate can be used for working out. An upgrade is optionally and contains extras, which are not necessarily needed for a "normal" workout. Workout plans, workout diary, timer, training calendar, challenges, plan and exercise information and stats are always accessible with respect to the following restrictions:

Feature Basic
Create unlimited workout
plans offline
Save varying values per set
in your workout diary
Set up different repetitions per
set for your timer
Workout summaries
Autofill the set time with the
stopwatch data
+1Set-Function for the workout diary
More challenges
Additional colors for plans,
exercises and timers
Training calendar Current
Sound options for the timer 5 7
Time-Phases per timer 4 Unlimited
Months for your history 2 Unlimited
Months for your stats 2 2, 6, all
Workout plans, which can be
published and synchronized
7 30
Workout plans, which can be imported 15 Unlimited
Archive plans
No Ads
Price Free 5,49$
49,99$ for 1 year

These products can be purchased via In-App-Billing. The prices are norm prices for USA and may vary. Check the In-App-Products for the current pricing.

Advertisement in ShapeMate

Currently there is no In-App-Advertisement in ShapeMate. Howewer, some future releases may contain advertisements. With the Exclusive-Membership you will probably be able to remove ads. The ads are necessary to keep ShapeMate running and to allow us to make fair prices.