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No matter what your workout looks like, weight loss, musclebuilding endurance, or whatever goal you have, ShapeMate will get you set up with the tools you need to achieve your goals. The Shaper-Community and our professional partners provide you with countless workout plans, from which you can choose. And if you just cannot find what you need, you can simply set up your own workout plan. Maybe even your fitness club is present on ShapeMate to provide you with reliable workout plans. And to make sure not to miss anything from your favorite partners or your friends you can subscribe to them and are broadcasted when they upload new content four you. Join the Shaper-Community and become a Shaper!

Caution! This website shows a concept which I wanted to realize once. Parts of the Beta-Version already provide some of the functionality shown on this site, but I had to freeze development on ShapeMate. For an overview about the current status of the App have a look at this. The membership was scheduled to be free and to be upgrated. Though, currently it is not possible to purchase the upgrade.

Create or import

ShapeMate gives you access to a world wide fitness network enabling you to exchange workout plans with your friends, experts and other Shapers. And if you prefer to have your own workout plan, you can simply create your own one and share it with your friends.

Stats for a
crisp overview

The stats are generated from the values you save like weight, repetitions, time and distance. To allow you an exact analysis of your workout, you can compare two values, e.g. weight and repetitions.

Workout calendar and
workout summaries

You can grab a quick overview about your daily work outs with the workout calendar. In addition, the pro-version contains a workout summary, which shows you all exercises you did on a day plus additional information.

Iterval timer for all

The interval timer of ShapeMate is built from multiple time phases for each exercise. As each time phase can be adjusted individually, you can use the timer for workouts like Tabata, HIIT and more, but also as a rest timer.

One App - Many Options

ShapeMate offers you plenty of tools to help you increase your workout efficiency. So you can make progression and keep pushing your limits. Use workout routines created professionally by our partners and look better, day per day!

  • An awesome community

    ShapeMate was developped for your workout. From now on, you can share your workout plans with your friends and other Shapers.

  • Your workout buddy within easy reach

    With the "Workout Call" you can simply reach out to one of your friends. The Workout Call constists of a time, so you can easily set up an appointment for the gym.

  • Synchronisation

    All plans you share are automatically synched with your devices. Though, your workout history remains private. Moreover, the Exclusive Membership offers you to archive your workout plans, so that you only need to keep the plans on your phone you currently need.

What are you waiting for?

ShapeMate is now available for Android. Get it on Google Play and rock your gym!