No Distractions Update

I just published version 11 of my App “No Distractions!”. I’m sure the new color code will convince more people to download the app. Check this out

No Distractions! – Click to view in Play Store

Users now also can stop the App by copying some lines of text. Some people complained about the math exercises: In the previous versions, users where asked to do some maths. Of course, I did not want it to be that easy, so the exercise was to multiply two decimal numbers with two digits each, while neither one was a multiple of 10.

But guess what: Now that I changed the task to copying a short text other people start mailing me that they want the math questions back 😀 I will probably have to re-add the math feature and include an option to choose between maths and texts.


GSoC research before official announcements

As many of my exams take place right after Google officially announces all selected organizations I need to do some research in advance. That way I can not only find enough time to learn but also get some information about projects I might be interested in.

I started my research mid January. After attending the Operating Systems lecture during the winter term I discovered my love for hardware controlling code right next to my empathy for Apps and UI design. But I think my Java skills are still greater than my C skills, so it probably makes more sense to watch out for a Java project.

During my research I payed attention to the skill set required to accomplish the project, the license applied to the product, the documentation and sources for help, how active the community is and to my level of interest in the organization as a whole and in the project in particular.

So, here are the organizations and communities I want to give a closer look to:

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GSoC research before official announcements