Organizations Announced. Yay \o/

Google has announced the organizations participating in GSoC 2017. So in this post I will collect more links to projects which sound interesting to me.

WorldBrain along with their Idea List

TeamMates might be interesting too

AOSSIE Just found this one, also interesting and I like the Idea.

SCoRe Lab They use only technologies I don’t know yet but all the IoE projects look cool.

Scala – Just adding a note for Scala “Reimplement the JDK in Scala-Native”

BeagleBone is one I already stumbled across some weeks ago. Their “Synchronous data collection” and “PiTop Power Interface” sound nice

LabLua “Interrupt based drivers” or “Porting Terra”

Well, thats it. I guess this are all the organizations and projects I find interesting and challenging. Evaluating which one best suits my skills and interest will be the next step. My plan is to pick one or maximum two of this collection and focus completely on it.

Organizations Announced. Yay \o/