Hey there

My name is Giorgio, I'm studying computer sciences at the "Karlsruher Institute of Technology" and I'm crazy about snowboarding. On this site, you can find some of my projects I have done lately. If you want to head over to my blog to see my projects in progress feel free to do so.

Privacy Crash Cam

Dash Cam for Germany which respects the privacy protection law

The Privacy Crash Cam was developed in the context of a university project mentored by the "Fraunhofer Institute of Technology". In Germany and Austria the Data Protection Legislation forbids car drivers to use Dash Cams as evidence in case of car accidents. Dash Cams usually record faces and car tags. Tough, these are private information and should not be recorded unless one has permission to do so.
As a team of five students we developed a solution to this problem and created an Android App, a web frontend as well as a web backend. Since I have already done some Android projects I was mainly responsible for bringing the Android App to life and coordinating work on this module. You can check out the complete description and the source code on GitHub.

No Distractions!

Stop wasting time in distracting apps and get your stuff done

This handy Android App helps you to waste less time in distracting apps and to focus more on the stuff you have to get done. Just specify how long you want to focus on a task and set up a break time. When you run No Distractions! you will be able to access the specified apps for a short time, but are blocked from using them if you start getting lost in the app. Give it a try and enhance your performance!


Track your workout and make better progression (development freezed)

  • Your Workout

    Set up your own workout plans, workout days, exercises per day and more settings

  • Your Progress

    Save statistics for each exercise and check your progression easily with charts

  • Your Time

    Check out your training frequency and workout summaries in the workout calendar


A song dependent Jump'n'Run web game

TuneDash lets you choose any song you like from Soundcloud. Just paste in the song URL and TuneDash generates a new game level based on the highs (not based on the rhythm) of the selected song. (Currently in Alpha Phase)

Snach Smart Watch

DIY Smart Watch with data streaming

The Snach is a smart watch which runs on an Arduino Mega with Bluetooth 4.0 and has an E-Ink display. I also wrote a companion app which runs on an Android device and provides APIs for other apps, so that they can interact with the smart watch. Now whats pretty cool about the Snach is that the OS runs mainly on the Android phone instead of on the Arduino. Thus, the Snach has access to the CPU of your Phone which in turn means lesser energy consumption of the watch itself and at the same time more CPU power. The Arduino is just responsible for presenting the streamed data on the display and sending button events to the Android phone. I made a short video which describes this project more detailed, so make sure to check it out ;) The project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 and you can find the source code on GitHub